Pudding Monsters


The most entertaining gelatinous adventure yet



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Pudding Monsters is a puzzle game developed by the team behind the excellent 'Cut the Rope!' which, without departing from the puzzle genre, provides a new and totally different adventure, with equally distinctive gameplay.

This time the lead characters are a series of animated jellies whose mission is to escape the clutches of their evil master, while also trying to rescue their missing friends. This may seem like a difficult task for a handful of animated jelly but, fortunately, they can join together to form super gelatinous monsters.

The game has 75 levels (and will continue to add more), and gameplay that, as with 'Cut the Rope!', will keep you glued to your screen trying to solve the various puzzles. There are many different types of jelly that you must learn to use properly.

Visually, Monsters Pudding really is a delightful game. Its graphics, without the power limitations of Android systems, is excellent thanks to the great character design and scenery.

Pudding Monsters really is an outstanding puzzle game. Thanks to its engaging gameplay, you are sure to be hooked for hours on end trying to get all stars through each level, a task that is not as easy as it first seems.
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